At Condominios del Parque Caribe we have contemporary designs, luxury finishes and the same facilities provided by the projects of the GAM, with affordable prices but with the characteristics that only Limón can give.


Our priority is the residents safety, so we built a perimeter fence and we offer 24-hour security, we have a unique entrance that guarantee the safety of you and your family.


Our apartments have privileged views of the sea and green areas, where nature abounds. Our designs are thought to guarantee the comfort, each one has parking available and we offer the possibility to add more.


We have 8 hectares of land, of which 50% is destined to conserve the abundant vegetation and endemic fauna that is characteristic of the area, and thus the tenants can get a greater benefit to the green areas.

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Modern and elegant finishes in harmony with nature

Porcelain Flooring (60cm x 60cm)
Kitchen furniture, bathrooms, Walk - in closet and Italian doors
Granite kitchen furniture, stainless steel sink (two tanks)
Marble bathroom
Porcelain stanchion
PVC windows
Fire alarm with temperature sensor in the kitchen and smoke sensors in the bedrooms, connected to a general alarm system per building.
Electronic systems of TV, Internet and Triple Play telephony type. The monthly cost of the service must be canceled by each owner
Water heater

Internal Description:

Modern and elegant finishes in harmony with nature

Fire cabinets
High technology elevator
Duct for garbage on each floor
Gate and security access
Access with electronic cards
Intercom with security booth

We invite you to visit our model house and observe our finishes!

The price may change depending on the number of rooms, location or finishes you wish to include.

All our apartments have a parking space and you can acquire the additional spaces that you need according to your convenience.

Club House

Convenience store

Pools for adults and children

Fitness center


Forest paths throughout the project

Multi-sport athletic space

24 hour security




Club house

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About us

Condominios del Parque Caribe is the most complete and exclusive housing complex in the province of Limón, our first stage has 2 towers of 24 apartments each one that are already occupied. The project is surrounded by a perimeter fence and we offer high technology security that works 24 hours a day.

Our second stage is already under development and pre-sale, we offer 3 types of apartments and penthouse.

We have 4 hectares of forest and paths, surrounded by lush vegetation and endemic fauna of Limón. We have exclusive apartments overlooking the Caribbean Sea, in a very convenient location in Barrio los Laureles, that is only five minutes from Playa Bonita, hospitals, educational centers and the center of Limón.

We are a multidisciplinary and integral team, who, trusting in the great opportunities and characteristics offered by Limón, wanted to build, with the highest quality parameters, the first residential community in the area.

We are an option that offers quality of life to the limonenses, and the professionals, executives, & entrepreneurs that will come to reside in the zone, the investors who wish to take advantage of a unique and novel opportunity in the market and in general to all those who wish to be Part of this project.

Mike Ondra

Partner and manager

Provides management guide for Condominiums in the Caribbean Park.

Education: Graduated from The MIT School of Architecture and Planning in 1971.

Partner - Adler Partners, LLC - Real Estate Investors.

Founder and President - Ondra-Huyett Associates, Inc. - which is a 50-employee company that specializes in the construction of manufacturing centers, medical specialties, commerce, offices, technology, data centers, adaptive use, hospitality and recreation, with an annual management of $ 50 million dollars in construction.

He has directed more than $ 400 million dollars in construction since 1995.

Eduard Morgan

Partner and manager

He is the Project Manager of the Caribbean Park Condominiums.

He was born and raised in Limón. President: Costa Rica Investment Properties, S.A. General Manager: Cariviews, Ltda. Developer: Cheetah Chombo Estates President: Flathead Window Cleaning, Inc. Owned a company founded more than 15 years ago in Montana, United States, developer of several projects in the province of Limón, Costa Rica

Our first stage was developed by the prestigious team of Constructora Eliseo Vargas y Asociados.

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At Condominios del Parque Caribe we have multiple financing options according to your profile and needs.

We have the support of several recognized financial institutions, such as banks.

Each one offers different alternatives that will fit your payment possibilities and family or individual characteristics. All with different payment terms and fees, so you will have the opportunity to choose the one that suits you best.

In addition, our sales team will give you advice to choose the entity that best suits your profile.

With a minimum of $ 3000 you can reserve a unit; remember that if you do not have the totality of the premium, we can finance you.

Living in the exclusivity and wellness of Condominios del Parque Caribe is possible, visit us, we are here to serve you.


8.25% fixed rate the first year, 8.50% fixed rate the second year, and the rest of the term TBP + 4.45%

Maximum term 40 years

Percentage of financing: 70%, (not applicable for lots or larger amounts

To 100 million colones)


7.50% fixed the first three years, remaining Libor 6 months + 9.00%

Maximum term 30 years

Percentage of financing: 80% and 100% with additional mortgage guarantee.

Note: Separate funding will be provided since the allocated resources are limited (up to € 60 billion in

Colones and $ 15 million dollars), so it has a validity of 30 calendar days after delivery

After that, and unless there is justification, the resources become available immediately after the

Due date.


Life and fire policies are included in the rate

The appraisal will not be charged because it is a prequalified project

Bank commission will be 1.75% of 2% negotiable for customers who purchase the bonding package

(Credit Card + Account (savings / current.) + Internet Banking + Payments System (BNPAR).

Discount of 0.25%.

We will work with a plant notary so the client will not have to pay the fees


Photocopy of the current identity card (Debtors and Co-debtors).

Word status detailing: date of issue, gross and net salary, occupation in the company, date

Income and indicating if you are free of embargoes.

Breakdown of wages or pay stub.

Copy of the Employee Order.

In case of not being salaried: Certification of income issued by a public accountant

Authorized (CPA), (date of issue, economic activity, gross and net income of the last

12 months). Worksheet and Justifications.

Opening a Current or Electronic account with the BNCR (if you already have an account you do not need

open another).

Option of Purchase and Sale.

In case of having credit cards, present last 6 statements of account.

Complete the corresponding forms to the BNCR.

Financing available with Mucap

Attractive interest rates

Term of financing up to 30 years

Percentage of funding up to 90%

Personalized attention in your preferred place

Approval in 10 days

General requirements:

Opening of savings account in colones with ¢ 10,000 or in dollars with $ 50.

Proof of income and employer order or certification of income.

Copy of the current and valid identity document.

Receipts up to date of other loans in the financial system.

Copy of the cadastral plan

Registration study of the property.

Option of Purchase - Sale with a maximum of 3 months of issued.

Vouchers of municipal taxes

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